Private Programs

I offer three (3) in-person or online programs designed to help women, trans, non-binary and queer folx who have experienced sexual and other forms of trauma and oppression and want to uncover and reclaim who they truly are!


The Free to Shine! VIP Experience

is a 3-day customized in-person program designed to give you the safety, trust, time and space to uncover and heal deeper wounds.

Three days of focusing on your needs and well-being allow for integration, art, and periods of rest, as well as deep healing and ritual.

The investment includes lunches and snacks. You will stay in a nearby hotel or AirBNB.

Note: The investment does not include travel or room and board.

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Trust, Truth and Transformation System

is a 90-day customized and private in-person or online program designed to help you heal.

Instead of feeling depressed and anxious and wondering if things will ever get better, you will, perhaps for the first time ever, be able to trust yourself, set boundaries, and speak your truth.

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Silent No More!

is a 6-month customized and private in-person or online program designed to help you finally heal the trauma in your body and soul so you can fully step into your power, take your rightful place in the world, and be firmly on your path to liberation.

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You have journeyed to a depth with me no other human has been able to or willing to go. Your presence, at this depth, has been so important, that I could search and never find the words to adequately express, to you, my gratitude. In joining me, in being present, in bringing your skill, your care, your compassion, your patience, and your sense of humor, you have helped me to clear out old crap, connect new neurons, feel my body, access my emotions, and forage a pathway that I know will lead me not only to my healing, but to my purpose as well.